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With the University of Hawaii’s Economic Research Organization estimating that roughly 16,000 people left the islands’ workforce, perhaps for mainland jobs, during COVID, hotels are struggling to find help; continue reading this.. in some cases, executives have reportedly been making room-service runs and busing tables. Rental homes are almost fully booked through Christmas, as are reservations at some of the most popular restaurants on the islands. “We were all lamenting, we’re getting the absolutely best requests at the highest price points, and there’s nothing to sell them,” says Debbie Misajon, founder of the Coconut Traveler, an Oahu-based agency. “We were the only exotic destination open.” With rental cars nearly impossible to find and going for hundreds of dollars per day, several of her friends have launched a new entrepreneurial venture: “They’ve bought two or three additional cars and they’re on Turo,” she says, referring to the peer-to-peer car-rental start-up. Going to Yellowstone this summer? This is what it looks like. Photo: Natalie Behring/Getty Images Even in less sought-after locations on the mainland, travelers are warning that hotel accommodations aren’t what they used to be. The American Hotel & Lodging Association is forecasting that the industry will end this year still down some 500,000 jobs. The ranks of housekeeping staff have taken a particular hit, even as the need for it has grown, with many guests resorting to takeout as hotel restaurants have remained closed, says Chip Rogers, CEO of the AHLA. (Wages for those staff have risen nearly 25 percent since the beginning of the year in an attempt to lure them back, he adds.) Some hotel guests, though, are finding that the lack of dependable services does detract from a vacation. Josh Shrader, a data analyst based outside of Atlanta, took his family of four on a five-night trip at a Marriott in Chattanooga over the July 4 holiday. He had no qualms when the hotel told him that there would be no housekeeping service in the room; he could even deal with the fact that, as the front desk informed them at check-in, only one employee worked in the hotel after the cleaning staff left for the day (meaning they’d have to retrieve anything they needed from the lobby themselves). But this became more of an annoyance when the family checked into their room only to find it entirely bereft of toilet paper. When they asked for more at the front desk, the attendant would only give them a single roll at a time. “We had to ask for TP three times while we were there,” says Shrader. Each night, the family had to bag up their own trash and take it down the hall.


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The City’s housing plan focuses on projects that serve the most vulnerable New Yorkers; sets new standards for healthy, equitable homes; brings community assets to underserved neighborhoods; supports Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs) and non-profits; and promotes affordable ownership opportunities that help build wealth across generations. This fiscal year marked 3,299 affordable homes secured for seniors, and 2,788 homes for homeless families – both one-year records for the administration. The City also financed 1,359 supportive homes offering comprehensive services for New Yorkers in need. To address the acute housing needs of the lowest income New Yorkers, HPD recently changed its term sheets to ensure that at least 50% of newly financed units are for families of three earning less than $53,000. This year, HPD exceeded that benchmark, with 64% new homes serving these families, and nearly 50% new homes serving families of three making less than $32,000. Setting a High Bar for Affordable Housing Design In March, HPD updated the Design Guidelines for its affordable housing to facilitate broadband access, increase energy efficiency, improve indoor air quality and ventilation, and increase access to cooling and outdoor space. Several FY21 projects have already adopted new recommendations to incorporate broadband access during construction, including Greenpoint Landing, which will create 373 permanently affordable homes in Brooklyn. Of these homes, 57 will be reserved for formerly homeless households, and all tenants will have access to high-speed broadband. Strengthening Neighborhoods with Placemaking Projects The City is strengthening neighborhoods that have experienced historic disinvestment with mixed-use, place-making projects that bring high quality affordable housing along with community assets like grocery stores, recreational space, and retail. This year, the City financed “The Eliza” which will bring a new Inwood branch of the New York Public Library along with 174 deeply affordable homes, and broke ground on Bronx Point, which brings 542 affordable homes in addition to the Universal Hip Hop Museum and a new public esplanade on the waterfront. Prioritizing M/WBE and Non-Profit Growth As a part of efforts to continuously advance equity in the affordable housing industry, the City enacted a number of new policies last year to expand access to financing , ownership opportunities , and capacity building for M/WBE and non-profit partners. In FY21, the City home page closed 10 new construction deals with M/WBE developers, eight of which were located on previously city–owned land. HPD’s M/WBE Build Up program, which requires projects receiving more than $2 million in City subsidy to spend at least a quarter on M/WBEs contracts, is expected to generate over $215 million for M/WBEs across 53 applicable projects that closed in FY21. Supporting Homeownership to Help Build Wealth The City financed 11,453 homeownership opportunities in FY21, including 11,053 Mitchell-Lama co-ops, and 149 affordable homes created through the Open Door program. Soundview Homes will provide 72 affordable co-ops across 10 four-story townhouses on NYCHA’s Soundview campus in the Bronx. Rochester Suydam, the City’s first public site new construction cooperative project, will also provide 46 affordable homeownership opportunities in Bedford-Stuyvesant. The City also helped 11 small homeowners make critical repairs to their homes and help keep long-standing residents in their homes and communities over the long term under the new Homefix program launched this year. Casa Celina and Atrium are two affordable 100% senior housing projects that will be built on NYCHA land as a part of the City’s Seniors First initiative, bringing 204 affordable homes to the Bronx’s Soundview neighborhood and 189 affordable homes in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood, respectively.