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It's been a strange year for the aviation industry, with many airlines grounding aircraft for significant chunks of 2020. But as air travel returns in some regions, has released its annual round-up of the world's best carriers, ready to help fliers decide which airline to choose for their return to the skies. The Australia-based aviation safety and product rating home agency compiles its Airline Excellence Awards based on criteria including age of fleet, passenger reviews and product offerings. This year, the team of global editors threw airlines' Covid-19 responses into the mix too. And so for 2021, there's a new entry at number one: Qatar Airways jumped up the rankings to nab the top spot, beating out previous winner Air New Zealand -- which has topped the list six times over the past several years and this year came in at number two. Geoffrey Thomas, editor-in-chief of tells CNN Travel it was Qatar Airways' response to the pandemic that sealed the deal. "Qatar Airways has always figured highly in our rankings, winning various awards such as Best Business Class but it was the airline's commitment to keeping its route network largely open that attracted the judges' praise -- and votes," says Thomas. Thomas also points to the airline's repatriation flights, and its commitment to making the pandemic flying experience as safe as possible. Qatar Airways is's best airline for 2021. usually announces its top airlines in November, in anticipation of the year ahead. The pandemic forced the aviation safety and product rating agency to switch things up. "We pushed the 2021 announcement into the 2021 year due to the chaos of Covid and we wanted to see how the industry would handle the pandemic over a longer period of time before making selections," explains Thomas. Usually, profitability is one of the key factors assessed by judges as they rank the top airlines, but because of the steep financial impact of Covid-19 on the aviation industry, finances weren't taken into consideration this year. "We had to drop that this year because virtually all airlines are losing money," says Thomas. Last year's winner, Air New Zealand, is number two on this year's list. The world's safest airlines for 2021 revealed Joining Qatar Airways and Air New Zealand in this year's top five is Singapore Airlines at number three. Singapore Airlines previously won best airline back in 2019 . Number four on list is Qantas. The Aussie airline was separately ranked the world's safest airline by AirlineRatings earlier this year. As well as the top 20 ranking, also gave out additional awards for airline offerings -- including for best first class (Singapore Airlines), best cabin crew (Virgin Australia) and best airport lounges (Qantas).

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The parking authority oversees about 14% of the paid parking spots in the Calgary region, and lets drivers pay to park their cars by a parking kiosk, online, or through the phone app by entering their vehicle’s license plate number and payment details. But a logging server used to monitor the authority’s parking system for bugs and errors was left on the internet without a password. The server contained computer-readable technical logs, but also real-world events like payments and parking tickets that contained a driver’s personal information. A review of the logs by TechCrunch found contact information, like driver’s full names, dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses and postal addresses, as well as details of parking tickets and parking offenses — which included license plates and vehicle descriptions — and in some cases the location data of where the alleged parking offense took place. The logs also contained some partial card payment numbers and expiry dates. Because the server’s data was entangled with logs and other computer-readable data, it’s not known exactly how many people had their information exposed by the security lapse. (In 2019, the Calgary Parking Authority issued more than 450,000 parking tickets , up by 69% in five years.) However, TechCrunch has seen evidence that at least thousands of customers are affected, though the total number of affected customers is likely to be higher. Security researcher Anurag Sen found the exposed server and asked TechCrunch for help in reporting it to its owner. The server was secured on Tuesday, a day after TechCrunch contacted the authority. Christina Casallas, a spokesperson for the authority confirmed that check this out the server was exposed since May 13, though data seen by TechCrunch shows records dating back to at least the start of the year. The authority also told TechCrunch that the exposure was due to human error and that it was investigating its logs to determine if anyone else had access to the server. “We at the CPA take this very seriously,” Moe Houssaini, the acting general manager for the Calgary Parking Authority, told TechCrunch in a statement. “Any public access has been disabled and we are actively investigating to determine what exact data was impacted and what unauthorized access may have occurred. We apologize to our customers and will be reaching out to all individuals who may have been impacted. Protecting the security of our systems and privacy of our customers is a top priority of the CPA. It was an isolated error, and the database has now been secured.