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Janice Halleck is packing for her first post pandemic trip after COVID-19 forced her to cancel a plan to travel from Flint to see her granddaughter Deseree, who was studying abroad in Ireland. “My granddaughter just graduated college. I told her when she did we’d take a cruise,” Halleck said. “Cruise is out. We decided we’d do a destination were something to open.” They called McBean to help them land the best post-pandemic deal. He recommends being flexible with flight plans and destinations. By making airline price a priority, travelers can bring down the price of the trip. McBean said Cancun and Jamaica remain popular destinations, but travelers should look at the difference in air travel prices from different departure cities. A flight leaving Detroit for a Saturday to Saturday trip in Cancun is $387, but leaving from Flint will cost $58 more at $445. That added cost can add up quickly for a family -- $232 more for a family of four. However, parking at Detroit Metro Airport costs about $26 per day, which will add $182 for a weeklong trip. Parking at Bishop International Airport in Flint costs less than half as much at $10 per day or $70 for a full week. Instead of flying from Saginaw County, travelers could save significantly by driving to airports in Flint or Detroit, because summer flights to Cancun from MBS International Airport were listed at over $1,000. Leaving on a Monday could reduce prices even more. A Monday flight from Detroit to Cancun costs just $283. Halleck and her granddaughter chose Cancun, where they can spend a lot of time relaxing outdoors on the beach “We love the water,” Halleck said. “Gonna be warm.

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